Why Should You Move to Visual Studio 2010

This is the first thing I’ve got from the early pages of the book Moving to Visual Studio 2010 which looks very interesting to read:

There are numerous reasons to move to Visual Studio 2010 Professional,
but it would be goot do list a few from a high level perspective:

  • Built-in tools for Windows 7, includign multi-touch and “ribbon” UI components.
  • Rich new editor built in WPF that you can highly customize to suit how you work.
  • Multi-monitor support
  • New Quick Search helping to find relevant results just by quickly typing the first few letters of any method, class, or property.
  • Great support for developing and deploying Microsoft Office 2010, SharePoint 2010 and Windows Azure application.
  • Multicore development support allows you to parallelize your applications, and a mew specialized debugger to help you track the tasks and threads.
  • Improvements to the ASP.NET AJAX framework, core JavaScript IntelliSence support, and the inclusion in Visual Studio 2010 of jQuery.
  • Multi-targetting/multi-framework support

Author: Pouya Panahy

Microsoft certified DevOps engineer with passion in analysing, designing and implementing solutions for Azure Cloud with hands-on experience in security and quality assurence.

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